Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

Watch this space

So, I finally caved in and decided to start a blog, about two years after the rest of the world and after everyone else has presumably moved on to newer and more interesting things. (I'm still holding out on the myspace/facebook thing, however.) I've been needing a place to put down my thoughts while working on research papers, information I've gathered on various topics, and, of course, a way to keep a travel log next time I decide to go running off to Europe at short notice.

The title is from a misspelling of 'epiphany' -- so don't expect anything profound here, just my usual idiosyncratic combination of the personal and the academic. A warning: Posts will be in whatever language or combination of languages I happen to feel like writing in the moment; which will typically mean English or German, but there may be occasional forays into Russian or composition in ancient Greek.

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